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The weekly sale group you've been waiting for!

Tired of putting together note cards inworld and maybe paying someone to drop off submissions for you? Now you can submit your entries even if you're not logged into SL. That means from work, from grandma's house, from your tablet, etc.You also have the option to submit in world by note card. 

If you would like to submit online - All you have to do is upload your display images to your Google Images gallery, Flickr, Facebook, blog, etc (or use your marketplace images) and paste the IMAGE URL  link into our submission form to list your sale. No dragging and dropping. No asset server failures. No lost submissions.

Here's some more good news. Marketplace stores are accepted!
You don't have to be left out of all the promotions just because you do not have an in-world location.

My 60L Secret is a sales group using a popular price point and an online catalog that breaks the sales down into easy-to-browse categories. We also try to provide other opportunities to advertise your location and sale items. The sales kick off every Friday morning and ends Monday nights to give all those people who can't make it in-world over the weekend a chance to grab your sale item, too!

Stores that are accepted will receive a welcome box AFTER confirmation of My 60L Secret merchant group add.

Any additional questions? Just let us know and we would be happy to help! Something for everyone!

Thanks for checking us out!

Rules & Requirements - MUST READ!

Please read BEFORE applying!

If at any time you leave group or choose to be removed please LET US KNOW. Deleting sign/ kiosk and making us chase you down for info will have you marked to prevent you entering group again.(we do note if we remove for signs or merchants leaving group with no word so that we do not add these designers back)

Subject to change

  • You must be an original designer/builder/creator to participate. If you use templates you must create textures for the items using the shadow maps etc, not just offer recolors of the sample textures. You must adhere to the TOS of your templates. (No resellers,  no breedables, no Business in a box.)
  • All items listed for sale with My 60L Secret must have a retail price of 70L or more
  • If you submit online you will be submitting image urls so you need to have a Flickr, marketplace, Google Images, blog, facebook, photobucket, etc account from which to link the image. If you choose to do notecard submissions - you can add standard full perm images or image urls to nc. 
  • Marketplace stores are welcome
  • You are required to display the My 60L Secret sign in your store close to the sale items or add our blog address to your marketplace sale item listing.
  • Failure to keep sign rezzed - removal from sales group NO EXCEPTION 
  • Customers must land near the sale items or be able to follow tracks. This is not a hunt.
  • Sale runs from Friday 12:01 am SLT -Monday 11:59 pm SLT
  • You or your representative must join the My 60L Secret group (using an alt is fine, however all communication is done in group notice. Failure to read notices and keep up with changes may result in alt/ and or store owner being removed. ) Open communication is key to keeping sales efficient for us as well as you and your shoppers. 
  • You are not required to submit sale items every week but you are expected to participate at least once in a 4 month period. We understand busy RL schedules. 
  • Items listed for sale may not be listed again for 1 month ( IMPORTANT ) I do understand smaller establishments. However, there should  be no reason to post your sale twice in a row, etc. 
  • If you choose to leave My 60L secret. We ask for you to responsibly let us know so we may remove your info off blog. We should not have to hunt you down to verify! So please keep this in mind. This will cause your location to be noted and not allowed back in this group in future if you chose to return. No Exception.
  • If you have any suggestions let us know. We love to implement new ideas that merchants come up with in our sales. We are original and do not check how other sales are run, nor do we care if you are involved in others sales. The more promotion for a location, the better it is for you as a merchant. 
  • NO- ITEMS DO NOT NEED TO BE NEW WEEKLY - This is unrealistic to us and we believe a merchant should control their own sales. You pay for and make your items - it is not for me to tell you what to put on sale. We get asked this frequently and, no, we never expect that.
  •  Charges - For weekly submissions it is 100 L per location each time you submit for weekly sales - For front of blog advertising - It is 100 L per location per advertising period you have chosen - This is  optional and has NOTHING to do with our weekly sales. 

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