Updates, upcoming and all Info for Merchants

Updates, upcoming and all Info for Merchants


2021  - What is the Extra Deals and Info Category on submitting form? 
On front of blog it is listed as: More Sales / Promos / Gifts/ Events / Hunts and more! 
On submission form it is the category listed as Extra deals and more.  
You can choose own price point of other in store sales, add your group gifts, promos and sales from other groups, store events- anything. 
If choosing this category be sure to fill out your price point or group gift etc in space provided on form so it can be listed on page proper. 
It is an extra sale like all others. This will be no extra cost - or if only submitting for this category it is 100l cost as normal. 
If submitting normal 60l sale categories ignore the Price point /group gift/ promo etc option. . It is only for the Extra deals and more category option. 
I have had many ask if on side we can do something over 60l since many make higher price point items not allowed in lower sales. This will cover many areas. 10 image limit in extra deals category

2021 - If at any time you leave group or choose to be removed please LET US KNOW. Deleting sign/ kiosk and making us chase you down will have you marked to prevent you entering group again. We all take breaks or get involved in other projects or have to deal with RL. Telling us you don't make sales when only submitting 2-3 times a year falls on deaf ears. We are a tool for you & shoppers - not the ones running your sales. We do not control where some choose to shop per week lol! : )


 You will be asked by the sign to allow debit permissions upon rezzing. This is normal. It will NOT take lindens from you.  This is you allowing the sign to bring up a payment button to make submitting payments easier. You will pay the sign 100L per store location you are submitting for. Not per image when you choose to submit. 

We send out many notices and info through notices  Please turn on notices. 

Wiping front of blog/ Store list -
I am mentioning this here since many have been confused. When we clean front of blog we do so every 3-4 months. This is to update store list for those who are submitting for that 3-4 month period. NOT TO REMOVE FROM GROUP- we simply fix broken links and update merchants info that may change. This has nothing at all to do with the group or merchants. This info is updated for shoppers only. Also you only need to provide your blog, mp, etc info that we add to your store name on participating list only once every 3-4 months ( when you resubmit after I clean blog) This is just to help save you time from adding this info per week.

Gift card section on blog is totally optional. This is just an opportunity to add this info on blog for shoppers to give them an idea where to go for birthdays, holidays etc. 

Upcoming holidays and added sales-

We allow up to three images as always in any category you choose but we also add special sales and holiday sales . This means you can also post up to 3 in these categories as well and is included in the 100L per location charge. We also tend to squeeze in other category sales as well not noted below.

We will be making a calendar that will help more and it will be posted here as soon as we get it handled. I will add information for 2-3 months in advance. So bear with us as we get all this info added. Thank you to those who have helped us with which holidays you like sales for. If we forget or miss anything or you want a specific sale done LET US KNOW!!!! It only takes a moment to plan it and do it.

January - Extra Deals and Info - Winter Category

February - Extra Deals and Info - Valentines day - Mardi Gras -
Winter / Spring category

March - Extra Deals and Info - Spring Category
Easter - Near end of month -St. Patricks Day -

April - Easter if it applies - Extra Deals and Info - Spring Category

May -  Extra Deals and Info - Memorial Day - SPRING SUMMER
June - Extra Deals and Info - Summer Category - July 4th

July - Extra Deals and Info - Summer sales.

August -Extra Deals and Info - Summer . Fall
September - Extra Deals and Info - Halloween Category - Autumn

October -  Extra Deals and Info - Halloween Category - Autumn category - Day of the Dead

November -Extra Deals and Info -  Fall/Winter Category Thanksgiving Category - Black Friday- Cyber Monday sales : )
Christmas category or your version of this holiday example - Hanukkah etc

December - Extra Deals and Info - Winter category - Winter Holiday Category example - Christmas/Hanukkah etc
Mid December -New Years Category

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