Weekly Submissions Form and Info

Submissions open Friday at noon SL time and close Thursday at noon SL time. 

No Exception on closing times. We give 6 days to submit.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 Most info needed for our sales is on this form so please read! 

8-17 NEW EXTRA CATEGORY - More Sales / Promos / Gifts/ Events / Hunts and more! -On submission form it is listed as Extra deals and more.  Choose own price point of other sales, add your group gifts, promos and more.. If choosing this category be sure to fill out your price point or group gift etc in space provided on form so it can be listed on blog page proper. This will be added to its own category. It will be considered an extra sale like all others. Adjustments will be made as we go. This will be no extra cost - or if only submitting for this category it is 100l cost as normal. 
If submitting normal 60l sale categories ignore the Price point /group gift/ promo etc option. . It is only for the Extra deals and more category option. Y
I have had many ask if on side we can do something over 60l since many make higher price point items not allowed in lower sales. This will cover many areas. You can post up to 3 as in any extra category ( for example holidays. seasonal categories etc. )<3

7-26-2018 - NEW!!!!   Notecard submissions have been added. Notecards will be given in group notice. Please note we will add these as we receive to submissions page. Online form is always preferred but we know a couple need this option who have issues with submissions form. ( we simply do not want to mess up anyones submission so we will always push the online form, lol. Has been this way for almost 6 years . ) Change is hard! haha. 

Front of blog has been wiped and you will be re added as you submit. This keeps our store list updated and links. ( This has nothing to do with participation checks  ) It also helps remove those not participating in the next quarter. 

Gift Card page will be redone AS WELL for Holiday time. This helps us make sure Slurls and info is correct for shoppers. 

1-18-2018If at any time you leave group or choose to be removed please LET US KNOW. Deleting sign/ kiosk and making us chase you down will have you marked to prevent you entering group again.(we do note this so we do not add these designers back.)  We all take breaks or get involved in other projects or have to deal with RL. Telling us you don't make sales when only submitting 4-5 times a year falls on deaf ears. We are a tool for you & shoppers - not the ones running your sales. We do not control where some choose to shop per week lol! : )

Submitting for more than one location -  

Payments -

  •  100 L - Per Location - Per Submissions you submit. Not per image given.   Please make sure the extra sales included are for the same location as the store you submitted for. 
  • You will not be added to blog till payment made

NOTE:  Marketplace only locations - Payment location has been set up if needed @

We do not work by how many members are in a group.  It is your hard work we add to our blog. Many of us take breaks and time off- no this does not get you kicked from group. We do not care how other sales run their groups- we are original to our own ideas. Period. Thank you to all for your hard work!

How to submit: 


IMPORTANT: Please submit IMAGE URL, not the page url. Do not paste us the link from your browser address bar.

Image url is done by RIGHT CLICKING  image - Next - choose the "copy image url/address" option. Then simply paste the image url.
You will see JPG , PNG near end of link that you paste. Any other link we do not add. FOR FLICKR please check below. Flickr does image urls a bit different. 


=Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge/ Mozilla may use a different method to obtain image url. Please ask if help is needed!

 =Flickr - ( Flickr has the longest method on obtaining Image url ) Instructions for flickr are as follows.
 On bottom right side of picture you should see an arrow down with a line under it -Click -  choose view all sizes - A window change will occur - now Right click pic, choose copy image address and paste.

 =Marketplace/ Blog/ or other - right click image and copy image url - Please make sure on MP to click image first to enlarge. If picture is copied from a small picture it will appear blurry on blog.

Above are examples- Image urls must contain JPG or PNG in link for it to work on blog. 

If your notices are off for this group and you do not get the proper info this is not our issue.  Communication is key. 

IMPORTANT:  If you see your location in yellow on spreadsheet a correction is needed.  

You can check for yourself at any time!! ( If your location is in yellow on spreadsheet,  a correction is needed. )

Submission form missing? Clear browser cookies/try different browser. 

Front of blog Advertising .This is a 100L fee. 

Application :

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