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Submissions open Friday at noon SL time and close Thursday at noon SL time. 

No Exception on closing times. We give 6 days to submit.

 If you would prefer to use note card submission you can snag note card @  
You can look on spreadsheet for extra categorie being used for current month on spreadsheet under submissions added.


How to submit image urls / all submitting info needed:

10-25 - 2018  - What is the Extra Deals and Info Category on submitting form? On front of blog it is listed as: More Sales / Promos / Gifts/ Events / Hunts and more! On submission form it is the category listed as Extra deals and more.  

You can choose own price point of other in store sales, add your group gifts, promos and sales from other groups, store events- anything. If choosing this category be sure to fill out your price point or group gift etc in space provided on form so it can be listed on page proper. It is an extra sale like all others. This will be no extra cost - or if only submitting for this category it is 100l cost as normal. If submitting normal 60l sale categories ignore the Price point /group gift/ promo etc option. Price point option is only for the Extra deals and more category option. I have had many ask if on side we can do something over 60l since many make higher price point items not allowed in lower sales. This will cover many areas. <3

We do not work by how many members are in a group.  It is your hard work we add to our blog. Many of us take breaks and time off- no this does not get you kicked from group. We do not care how other sales run their groups- we are original to our own ideas. Period. Thank you to all for your hard work!

NOTE:  Marketplace only locations payment sign/NC Submissions mailbox @

IMPORTANT: You can check for yourself at any time!!  If you see your location in yellow on spreadsheet a correction is needed.

Submission form missing? Clear browser cookies/try different browser. 

Front of blog Advertising .This is a 100L fee. 


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